1953 Hiss Studio. International Contemporary Design. Lido Shores.

A glass box raised on fourteen slender steel columns, this design is an elegant example of the International Contemporary style. The studio was one of the first air-conditioned space in Sarasota, a necessity to protect the drawings and books there. The addition is at ground level, surrounded by walled gardens and invisible from the street. It exemplifies the Sarasota School of Architecture’s emphasis on flow of outside air through the house, use of simple materials glass and concrete block.

Rebirth of Cool. July/August Dwell Magazine.

Sarasota Modern Home. Designed in 1960 by William Rupp and renovated in 2006 by Seibert Architects PA. The house plan forms multiple exterior courtyards for gracious outdoor tropical living. The home features a unique sleeping loft.

Rebirth of the Cool.

2011 July/August Dwell Magazine. “Florida Modern, A breezy seaside take on (largely postwar) architecture, borrowing elements from the International Style – linear and light filled-in a distinctly Floridian setting”. This is a quote from Dwell on a Sarasota home renovation. Page 46 Dwell, July/August 2011. House No. 61 in Tour Sarasota Architecture.

Tours + Lectures.

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