2012 SAF – Paul Rudolph Scholarship Application

The first annual SAF – Paul Rudolph Scholarship has officially been announced. Sarasota County Public High Schools and Florida Colleges and Universities with NAAB-accredited architectural programs have been notified that the application can now be downloaded online. www.saf-srq.org/scholarship2012 SAF - Rudolph Scholarship Application

The Sarasota Architectural Foundation’s (SAF) Paul Rudolph Scholarship provides assistance to financially disadvantaged students enrolling or enrolled in a NAAB-accredited professional degree (5-year BA or BA + MA) in architecture. The $5,000 SAF – Paul Rudolph Scholarship has been funded by The Michael Kalman Foundation in conjunction with the Sarasota Architectural Foundation of Sarasota, Florida.

Eligibility for High School Seniors:

  • Applicant is a graduate or is graduating from a Sarasota County, Florida Public High School
  • Applicant comes from a financially disadvantaged background
  • Applicant is entering a NAAB-accredited professional program in architecture

Eligibility for Students in Architecture:

  • Applicant is a graduate of a Sarasota County, Florida Public High School
  • Applicant is enrolled in a NAAB-accredited professional degree (5-year BA or BA + MA) in architecture
  • Applicant comes from a financially disadvantaged background
  • Applicant demonstrates academic excellence and outstanding design talent

The 2012 scholarship application information is available online:

The application must be postmarked by Friday April 27, 2012.
The scholarship recipient will be announced May 15, 2012.

Contact Information / Questions
2012 SAF – Paul Rudolph Scholarship
Hilary Keaton, Scholarship Director
3536 East Forest Lake Drive
Sarasota, FL 34232-4714


A Film About the Importance of Paul Rudolph’s Work

This is a wonderful film about Paul Rudolph’s climate sensitive architecture. The film presents a thoughtful evaluation of the ideas Rudolph designed into both Riverview High School (demolished in 2009) and Sarasota High School (under threat 2012) such as day-lighting, natural ventilation, sun-screens, and shade-giving plantings. The present-day Sarasota County School Board would be wise to learn more about the importance of Rudolph’s work.

“Site Specific The Legacy of Regional Modernism”, a film by Metropolis magazine, filmmaker Mark Kohn and producer Eve Dilworth.

Paul Rudolph’s iconic Sarasota High School Addition deserves our immediate and full attention.

The Sarasota Architectural Foundation (SAF) steadfastly calls for the Sarasota County School Board…

    • to officially reaffirm and honor its commitment to preserve the Paul Rudolph Addition at Sarasota High School,
    • to instruct the recently selected architectural team for the project, Harvard Jolly Architecture, to explore repurposing the Rudolph-designed gym and not demolish it as is now stated in the School Board’s current plan,
    • to not deface the facade of the iconic Rudolph classroom building by enclosing the breezeways in glass, also included in the School Board’s current plan, and
    • to provide fees / funds so that the architectural team can explore new options that will honor the Board’s commitment “to establishing this building to its prior prominence.”

Write to the School Board of Sarasota County and voice your concerns about their plans to enclose the breezeways with glass and demolish the gym. Click SHS SOS for more info.

Little Time Left to Save Paul Rudolph’s Sarasota High School

St. Petersburg Architecture firm chosen for Sarasota High School Renovation

March 30, 2012
Herald Tribune Real Estate Today
by Harold Bubil

The Sarasota County school district has chosen a team led by Harvard Jolly Architecture, of St. Petersburg, Tampa and Punta Gorda, to lead the redesign of the Sarasota High School campus, including renovation of the key building, the Paul Rudolph-designed Building 4. The team includes Sarasota architect Jonathan Parks, who has worked in renovating several Paul Rudolph structures, and Fielding Nair International, a firm whose expertise includes school buildings. Click here for article.

Little time is left to change the School Board’s decision to glass-in the breezeways of Rudolph’s classroom building and demolish the Rudolph gym.
April 17 – School Board meeting to negotiate fees with Harvard Jolly Architecture
May 1 – School Board meeting to approve Harvard Jolly Architecture contract

Petition the School Board to honor their commitment to treat the Paul Rudolph Sarasota High School Addition with care and respect befitting an international architectural icon…for SHS students, proud Sarasotaians and our visitors from around the globe. Click here and make your voice heard.