Little Time Left to Save Paul Rudolph’s Sarasota High School

St. Petersburg Architecture firm chosen for Sarasota High School Renovation

March 30, 2012
Herald Tribune Real Estate Today
by Harold Bubil

The Sarasota County school district has chosen a team led by Harvard Jolly Architecture, of St. Petersburg, Tampa and Punta Gorda, to lead the redesign of the Sarasota High School campus, including renovation of the key building, the Paul Rudolph-designed Building 4. The team includes Sarasota architect Jonathan Parks, who has worked in renovating several Paul Rudolph structures, and Fielding Nair International, a firm whose expertise includes school buildings. Click here for article.

Little time is left to change the School Board’s decision to glass-in the breezeways of Rudolph’s classroom building and demolish the Rudolph gym.
April 17 – School Board meeting to negotiate fees with Harvard Jolly Architecture
May 1 – School Board meeting to approve Harvard Jolly Architecture contract

Petition the School Board to honor their commitment to treat the Paul Rudolph Sarasota High School Addition with care and respect befitting an international architectural icon…for SHS students, proud Sarasotaians and our visitors from around the globe. Click here and make your voice heard.



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