SHS Charrette: Sarasota Community Engaged & United

It took a village…the village of Sarasota…our students, teachers, parents, neighbors, architects and preservationists…brought honor, respect and democracy back to planning the future of Sarasota High School…and SARASOTA DID IT!

The charrette was organized by the school district at the urging of the Sarasota Architectural Foundation to discuss ways to renovate the campus without tearing down the Rudolph-designed gym or glassing in the breezeways of Building 4.

“People would not have been heard if not for the SAF,” said SAF board member Dan Snyder. “This room is energized with teachers and students — I think it is great they had the chance to stand up and be heard.”

School district COO Scott Lempe, in an interview June 5, 2012 with Fallon Silcox, Channel 7/ABC News, said “the charrette’s goal at the end of Thursday night is that we have all agreed on a site plan that everyone there says yes I can live with.”

Charrette participants unanimously agreed on option #5 as the best way to renovate Sarasota High School. The site plan keeps the Paul Rudolph-designed breezeways open, re purposes the gym and rehabilitates the classroom building #4. Lempe will now present the plan at the school board’s June 19 meeting and the board will either vote to accept the charrette audience’s choice or reject it. Click to see option#5

Photos from the June 6 and 7, 2012 charrette:


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